Disadvantaged Children and Youth

Disadvantaged Children and Youth

The Policy Area

The policy area on disadvantaged children and young people aims at strengthening the personal resources of disadvantaged children, young people and their families, in order to provide the children and young people with the same opportunities for personal development, health and an independent adulthood as their contemporaries. To achieve this goal, special support according to the Act on Social Services may be needed.

The special support can for example include consultancy services, pedagogical or other support given at home, family treatment or treatment of the individual problems of the children or young people. It might also be necessary to employ measures as placement outside the home in a foster family or in an institution. The municipalities are responsible for both preventive measures and for providing support when needed.

The support to children and young people must be provided at an early stage and on a continuous basis. The authorities must always consider the views of children and young people, and when difficulties occur, they must be resolved in consultation and cooperation with the family when possible.

The Ministry is among other things responsible for providing the Minister and the Danish Parliament with the best possible basis for developing an effective social policy for disadvantaged children and young people. Moreover, the Ministry’s tasks include preparation of legislation and policy development within the field of disadvantaged children and young people.