International Relations

International Relations

The Policy Area

The Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing and Senior Citizens is responsible for tasks in the area of international affairs. The Ministry participates in the work of a number of international organizations, including:

The EU.  The Ministry participates in the European Council meetings on social affairs (the EPSCO Council) and attends a number of committees, including The Social Protection Committee (SPC). The Ministry is also responsible for tasks concerning the rules on citizens moving within The European Union and EU citizens’ rights according to the Act on Social Services etc.

The Nordic Council of Ministers.  The Ministry participates within the sectors of social affairs and health, including the Nordic Convention on Social Assistance and Social Services etc.   

The Council of Europe.  The Ministry participates in working parties concerning social affairs.

The UN.  The Ministry is responsible for tasks relating to the conventions on human rights, especially the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Moreover, meetings in relevant UN committees are attended.

The OECD.  The Ministry participates in the work on social affairs.